Raise $1000 and get the opportunity to help name the 2021 Defeat Myeloma Grant! 

Raise $2500 and you will receive an opportunity to attend the Check Presentation Ceremony with Fred Hutch researchers, tour the myeloma lab and kill some myeloma cells! 


Raise $500 and be invited to the exclusive check presentation at Fred Hutch and hear, in an intimate setting what Dr. Green has been using our funds for. 

Need Some Incentives? 

Be sure to create a fundraising page when you register to help support this important cause! 100% of all funds raised will directly support multiple myeloma research at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Defeat Multiple Myeloma’s mission is to raise awareness for Multiple Myeloma while supporting research which seeks to discover new treatments, improve quality of life for myeloma patients, and ultimately to find a cure for this devastating form of cancer. Funds from the 2021 event will go to help develop a form of immunotherapy, using CAR-T cells, a potentially curative therapy for multiple myeloma patients. 

Why Fred Hutch?

We want our donors and volunteers to know with perfect confidence that their donations and time will be going to directly support multiple myeloma research. The work being done at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center is on the cutting edge, moving fast, and providing great results. They have made it clear to us: our support helps them get new treatment options to patients faster!

What is immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is an innovative treatment approach that empowers the human immune system to overcome cancer and other debilitating diseases.

The immune system — a complex conglomerate that includes disease-fighting cells and proteins — is well-known for its remarkable ability to locate, recognize and attack invaders like the common cold. However, the immune system is not always able to eliminate cancer cells when they form. And once malignant tumors like multiple myeloma develop, they can use a variety of evasion tactics to outwit the immune system.

Thanks to continually evolving research, scientists at Fred Hutch have discovered new ways to tap into the immune system's inherent disease-fighting power and give it the upper hand against cancer.

The most exciting part? Because immunotherapies harness the patient’s own immune system, they are far less likely to produce the side effects common to traditional multiple myeloma treatments.
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